• "Stronger Together"  is a life Sized bronze tribute sculpture dedicated to the men and women of the the Los Angeles Fire Department.  It was unveiled in the city of Whittier in Los Angeles county in October of 2019.  It's message speaks to the importance that upholding the core values of the LAFD of service, professionalism, integrity  respect  innovation and trust has on the strength of the team. 
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  • Stronger Together Close up
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  • The Final Salute

    This is a wide angle view of the May 2011 Whittier Police Memorial unveiling ceremony.  "The Final Salute" honors the Whittier California Police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty.In this piece a young boy whose father was killed in the line of duty clutches a tri-folded flag to his chest as he struggles to hold in his tears.Next to him stands a Whittier officer who  rests a comforting hand on the boy's shoulder as they both give a final salute to the fallen officers.  The figures stand atop a solid granite hexagon inscribed with the stories and images of the fallen officers.

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  • The Final Salute 

    close up view

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  • The Final Salute

    close up of boy


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  • The Final Salute

    close up of officer

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  •  Memorial to Bodega Bay Commercial Fishermen Whose Lives Were Lost at Sea

    Life sized Bronze statue mounted on a solid granite base Installed April 2010 at Spud point Harbor in Bodega Bay, California. This piece has its strength in its ability to touch a cord of familiarity with the fishermen it represents. I wanted to create a mood that portrayed the inner and outer strength of a fisherman in a pose representing all fishermen. Though he is physically and emotionally strong we can also see in his eyes a kindness, a sensitivity and hint of sadness which reminds us of the human vulnerability of these fishermen as they face the harsh realities of life and the ever present possibility of death at sea.

    Installed in April 2010 at the Spud point Marina Bodega Bay California

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  • Memorial to Bodega Bay Commercial Fishermen Whose Lives Were Lost at Sea - Close up shot of the fisherman
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  • Embracing the Infinite

    This sculpture is a privately commisisoned memorial to a woman who lost her life due to illness at a young age.  The mood of the piece is ethereal with the pale patina, the gently windblown hair and dress, the gaze focused skyward,  and the arms outstretched as if to embrace the infinite.

  • Memorial Portrait Bust of Hans

    This privately commmissioned bronze memorial portrait captures the essence of a young man who lost his life in a motocycle accident. 

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  • The Harmonica Player

    This is a half life sized bronze based on a photo of carefree young boy in rainboots and hat playing his harmonica

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  • Ottimino

    Ottimino was an Italian immigrant who came to America in 1913 for a better life. This piece reflects the spirit in which he lived, his love for the land and his ongoing dedication to caring for the old vine zinfandel grapes that he brought to America from "the old country".  This is the second iteration created in 2019.  The original version was presented to the then Secretary General Kofi Anan at Stanford in 2000 to represent the Roots of Peace Organization and now resides in the United Nations, New York city.


  • Spiral Sea Kelp Mosaic
    Mosaic on backer board framed with mild steel
    96" x 48" x 2"
    Private Commission

    Not For Sale
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