• The Bather

    This is an example of a three hour quick sketch that I created in oil based clay.   I work from a live model without the use of calipers, much like an artist using charcoal or other 2-d media would so this in essence is a sketch from all angles that have to fit together to form a cohesive whole.  These sketches in clay are a great way to practice capturing the essence of the model's mood in a short amount of time. 

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  •  Introspection

     This is a three hour quick study made without the use of calipers.  These pieces are a great way to practice capturing the mood and emotion of a subject quickly.  This model had a compelling emotional mood the day she posed for this piece.  It was  kind of inwardly directed  vulnerability that I wanted to capture in the short time I had.


    Not For Sale

     Time Waits For No One

    This is a portrait of Jesse, an old man in the last stage of life. I remember feeling  an evanescent quality about him as I sculpted him that day and that is what I wanted to capture in clay. He passed away the following week.


    Not For Sale


    Another quick study 1/3 life sized piece made from oil based clay.


    Not For Sale

     Portrait of David

    This is an early portrait piece done in water based clay, coated with dry pigment powder and fired.



  •  The Waiting Game

    This is an example of my early fired ceramic sculpture made of water based clay, fired and painted with oils. It is of a little Peruvian girl at the market place who plays with  her string as she waits for her mother to finish her business.


    Not For Sale
  •  Moment of Doubt

    This piece was created in response to an inner crisis a friend of mine was going through. It was created very early on in my sculpture career in 2006. Like most of my early work it was more emotionally charged than technically correct but it has sensitivity about it that I like.


    Not For Sale
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Figurative clay studies
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Figurative clay studies
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