• This commissioned vessel is coil built with inset with sculptured areas resembling the erosion of rocks. It  was glazed with specifically formulated raku glazes and fired in a reduction kiln until the glaze was molten.  At this stage the piece was carefully  lifted out of the kiln while still red hot and placed in a reduction pit filled with saw dust.  This piece was so large it required a specially made two person raku tonges to lift it out the kiln and into the reduction pit.
    Canyon Mist
    Not For Sale

  • This platter was wheel thrown thickly then hand carved with a philodendron leaf pattern.  After the initial bisque firing it glazed  and fired in a raku kiln until red hot then lifted out and placed in a reduction bin filled with saw dust.  
    Carved Philodendron Platter
    Not For Sale

  • This is a hand built bowl which was painted with under glazes to look like a three dimensional Echeveria plant. The shape of the bowl was created to accent the design painted on it.
    Echeveria Bowl
    Not For Sale

  •  This coil built vessel is a variation of the Canyon River series style. It is 34" high and 26" wide.  Before firing the piece was burnished with a smooth stone to a high polish.  The piece was then bisque fired in an electric kiln to harden it sufficiently for the pit fire.  Pit firing is a process whereby a large hole is dug in the ground and piece is nested in a layered  mix of sawdust, seaweed, salt, various oxides, and wood and covered.  It is slowly fired until all the material burns away in a reduction atmosphere leaving the unpredicatable and striking color patterns you see in this piece.

    Red Rock Canyon
    Not For Sale

  • This is a lovely example of a saggar fired vessel.  It was coil-built, painted with a pale light orange slip then burnished and saggar fired. Saggars differ from pit fires in that they are in an airtight upraised kiln type environment and give softer more pastel toned colors.
    Desert Flower
    Not For Sale

  • This is another example of a saggar fired piece this time with no colored slip. It was coil built, burnished to a high sheen and bisque fired before being placed into the Saggar.  This piece  came out of the firing with intense shades of black, white and gray rather then in the soft pastel tones seen in the previous example.
    Day into Night
    Not For Sale

  • These two pieces are examples of my Desert Jewel series of vessels which were coil-built from stoneware clay, painted with terra sigillata, burnished to a high sheen then pit fired with colored oxides, seaweed, dung and sawdust to achieve their richly colored surfaces.
    Desert Jewel Vessels
    Not For Sale

  • This is a richly colored example of a desert jewel infinity series vessel. The infinity symbol is visible when looking straight down on the piece as the two circular openings gently fold in towards each other. This piece is large, over two feet high which made it very tricky to pit fire without cracks.
    Mind's Eye
    Not For Sale

  • Coil-built stoneware vessel that was glazed and raku fired.  The surface of this piece came out of firing resembling the reflections of oil slicked water, hence the title. 
    Not For Sale
  • This is a Coil-built stoneware vessel which is part of the Canyon River Series. It is a very large piece, nearly three feet tall and two feet wide. It was painted with a pale terra cotta slip then stone- burnished and pit fired.
    Desert Sunset
    Not For Sale

  • This is a one of a kind piece made for an international ceramics show. Each depression is made to mimic natural erosion in sandstone while texture clay coils were added between the depressions to give the impression of cracked earth. earth. Small colored beach stones were imbedded into the coils here and there for added interest. Each depression was painted with coated with colored dry pigment while the rims were very carefully painted with clear glaze which revealed the white clay body underneath when fired.. The interior was glazed with a mirrored graphite glaze. 
    Time and Tide
    Not For Sale
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