Artistic expression is an ongoing journey of self discovery for me.

Seeing something special in the ordinary and something new in what I may

have seen a  hundred times before is what fuels my creativity.  

From an early age on I have been fascinated by the phases of growth that

perennial plants undergo.  In so many w
ays they remind me of the human

condition.  We also go through periods of lush growth and periods

dormancy in both our physical bodies and in our souls.   I see how natural

it for trees to lose their leaves 
and seem to die for a time but then when

the conditions are right, they come back in full force. 

I look to nature to teach me the  many spiritual lessons that our society

and its dogmatic ideas can never fully grasp. 
The natural world and the

systems that operate in it  so beautifully illustrate (without any

interference from 
humans), the beauty and perfection that God intended

for us when the world was created.